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Apr 6, 2024

The Ladies join Birdman to discuss dealing with division and the extreme sides we all seem to be exposed to lately.

Birdman (Rob) introduces this discussion as a shared show of Gaslight-Proof and IN THE MIDDLE, a new podcast centered around looking for a balance between the extremes.

As mentioned in the episode, if...

Mar 22, 2024


The Ladies talk about 2 very important terms.
Interdependency and codependency are two different concepts that relate to how individuals engage in relationships with others:
  1. Interdependency:

    Interdependency refers to a healthy and balanced form of reliance and mutual support within a relationship....

Mar 8, 2024

The Ladies talk about what they remember and how they view things now.


Looking back after a narcissistic relationship can be a complex and challenging experience. Here are some common reflections and insights that individuals may have:

  1. Recognizing the Manipulation: In hindsight, you might realize how the...

Dec 29, 2023

Patrice and Brandi talk about their love and respect of Amber, and the Journey of how they arrived at these feelings.

As mentioned in the episode, if you'd like to contact the ladies use the following email -


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Dec 15, 2023

2 of the Gaslight-Proof ladies talk about Denial.


Denial and narcissism are psychological concepts that are often intertwined, especially when discussing individuals with narcissistic personality traits or Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). Let's explore each concept separately and then discuss how they can be...